Partition May Be A Good Answer To The Quebec Question

It is rarely discussed because it appears on the surface to be a far fetched idea. Let’s face it, separatists are always saying “if you don’t like it, then you can go to Ontario”. How about I answer that by saying this: “No, I am staying right here, and I will band together with other Quebec Federalists (Francophones, Anglophones and Allophones) and form my own province”. This should be the stance taken by the federalist community in Quebec rather than fleeing to Ontario.

One tidbit of news that set off some alarm bells recently was the statement that Jean Francois Lisée made:

“It’s as though, on many levels, Quebec is already independent in its mind, in its way of making decisions and it doesn’t see why it should ask permission from our neighbors for some important decisions we have to make”

and this gem:

“The only Canadian interventions are impediments to Quebec making sound decisions and so I think the distance between Quebec and Canada is growing”

I think that many Quebec Federalists are naive. We seem to think, with respect to Quebec sovereignty “It’ll never happen”. Furthermore, polls say that 40% of Quebecers want to separate. Am I the only one that thinks that’s a big number? What would it take for that number to reach 51% ? Would it take an anti-Quebec statement made by a prime minster to convert a couple of hundred thousand soft-federalists into full-blown separatists?

My point is, even after 18 years of no referendums, there is still, let’s admit, a strong separatists movement in Quebec. Are we all praying that in another 18 years that the movement will diminish to the point where it effectively dead? I am not sure that taking that chance is worth is, especially with continued economic repercussions.

As Federalist Quebecers, we have built up our communities for hundreds of years. We have morals, principles and beliefs on how we want to shape our society that are distinctly different from those of separatists. We spend way too much time trying to accommodate the various points of view in this province. To be perfectly honest, I will never see eye to eye with separatists, and Quebec will never be my country. Why not just let bygones be bygones.

Maybe Quebec really should separate, but not all of it.

If Quebec was partitioned, think of the advantages. The province that consisted largely of separatists could shape their own future. Within a couple of years (or less) of partition, they would almost certainly separate. They would have the freedom that they have always wanted, and the power to shape their own future the way they see fit. This could help avert major economic problems since federalist communities that would otherwise have up and left would stay because they could continue to exist in the other province as a result of the partition. Partition may take place more or less along the lines of the 1995 referendum victory (red = no, blue = yes):


The logic of partition is quite simple. If Quebec is allowed to remove itself from Canada as a minority, then communities that are federalist minorities should be allowed to separate from Quebec. For the most part, this would be a fair solution. Further to this, some deals could be brokered that would ensure the economic prosperity of both provinces:

1. The two provinces could seek joint ownership of resources and installations from which they benefit from collectively.

2. The Federalist province could ask for a contiguous border with the maritime provinces.

3. Montreal could be divided up in a way that doesn’t necessarily precisely correspond to the referendum of 95′ division, but respects the separate economic contributions from the peoples of each province.

There have been many separatists that argue that the case to partition Quebec is used as a scare tactic to keep Quebec in Canada. However, it would actually be a much faster track to sovereignty.  Furthermore, if a separatists argues against Quebec partitionism, he or she is effectively arguing against Quebec sovereignty. Separatists have been scaring federalists out of Quebec since the 60’s by the way.

If you are a federalist Quebecer, you have every right to be living in this province and fighting for what you believe in. You and your ancestors helped build this province, so it is as much yours as it is anyone else. As there is solidarity between pur-laine separatists, so there is solidarity between federalists. Stand up for what you believe in and stand your ground.

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56 thoughts on “Partition May Be A Good Answer To The Quebec Question

  1. It figures, you can’t have a sensible conversation without the pig headed haters calling everybody angry phones like the beloved NO BIN up there. One question , how will partition help those in Laval and the townships etc., who may lose a partition vote to the seps, but want to remain with Montreal. We are talking huge numbers of Greeks, Italians, Armenians etc. who have invested unquantifiably in their respective areas?

    • Hi Spartan,

      I wouldn’t expect partition to be an exact science. Some areas with large concentrations of federalists would end up in the ‘separatist’ province. But at least they wouldn’t have to uproot to lets say Ontario, they could simply move to the ‘federalist’ province.

      • @pkflee Non,mais recevoir des leçons des anglos sur le raciste et la démagogie, c’est comme un noir qui se fait faire la moralité par Teaparty où le wildroses où encore mieux le reformparty….ça fait tout sauf être crédible,voilà le pourquoi du angryphone….ça englobe le tout…;) mdr!

      • Both sides are guilty ro bin. I am just looking for solutions thats all. French and English both have terrible legacies. Take a look at what the French did in Algeria – killing approximately 1 million people. So don’t generalize and say that all anglos are racist.

      • @pkflee Algérie ?! France?! Je te parle du sort des Canadien-français(les canadiens d’origine jusqu’a 1978 de mémoire) et cela se passe du Mexique jusqu’au Canada(amérique du nord).Ont n’était plus français depuis un crisse de boutte et nous ont ses mélangé avec les amérindiens et même avec les noirs en louisiane…ont n’a pas fait d’esclavages,ni de génocide.Prenez votre histoire,ont va prendre la notre.

      • So just because you copulated with the natives, means that you are more attached to this continent than I am?

        If you are so concerned about North America not being French enough, why don’t you invade the USA? Much of New France was in the USA.

        If I want to look in my past (I am part French, part Irish, part Scottish). My Grandmother’s last name is Laroche, I can find lots of people who did me wrong.

        The English were horrible to the Irish. But do I care ? Do I spend my days blaming the English ? No, not at all. Because I see the good in everyone. The world of the 17th, 18th and 19th century was a very different place. My advice… stop holding a grudge with the ‘English’. They don’t even exist in North America anymore. It is Canadians, Americans and Mexicans.
        If you think that the ‘English’ are your enemy, you are fighting an invisible war.

      • @pkfleeJe ne déteste personne individuellement,ni même culturellement et je ne veut pas de guerre avec personne; mais quiconque essaye de prendre le territoire de ma nation va se retrouver avec mon pied dans son cul.Tu vois la différence !??

        P.S:j’adore les Beatles(mon groupe préféré avec Beau-dommage),j’ai lu tout les Shakespeare et les Agatha Christie,j’adore le cinéma Canadien-anglais (contrairement à eux-même qui préfére FOX).

      • Ok, so if Quebec separates, and I am a minority, I am not allowed to separate from Quebec ? So you are saying that you have the right to separate from Canada as a minority, but I don’t have the right to separate from Quebec – in other words, you have more rights than me. That’s interesting. Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way.

  2. This is what I’m saying. If they think they are going to just take the strong ethnic population Ialong without a catastrophic civil war, then they clearly haven’t thought this through at all. It’s a great idea to simply shut the seps up, but I don’t see the need, they will never win. A better idea would be to have a final referendum , if they win 50 per cent plus one, they get to keep 51per cent of Quebec. Lets see how they like them apples.

  3. Don’t even answer to this spec of dust. Those are not the counterpoints of real men. Ask any psych and they will tell you, hatred like this is almost always compensation for a very small penis. Even his first name is short. Still,for me its a sport to wind them up like that. If they only knew what damage they are doing to the integrity of their people. 70 per cent of francophones distance themselves from these embarassing parasites. This is still a subject, option , that will start to gain strength. Cheers

    • Recevoir des leçons de lit d’un anglais…mdr!mdr! Sort de ta cave angryphone troll et trouve-toi une petite amie francos…tu vas mourrir moins niaiseux et surtout moins complexé…;) good luck mdr!

      • @I National Voice “believe that there is frustration in general in Quebec – that’s the way it is. It will resolve itself one way or another.” Peut-être avec de la vrai bonne volonté,de la reconnaissances historique et politique,admission des erreurs du passé,plus de partage des pouvoirs…alorspeut-être bien que les Québécois et les amérindiens vous aimerons plus….si fait avec RESPECT et en tenant parole pour une fois .

      • Yup. I hope Ro Bin lives a very long life and that he will die a bitter old man knowing that Quebec never separated from Canada.

  4. ALL I see is hate living in the pass talking about how hard the French had it but the English had the same because not everyone was rich.What about the natives people no one was talking about them in this blog.Quebec and Canada was made by the war,Some won some lost the war. the biggest thing that keep the people down was the church the divide the people and that is in the history books .you to read all history book not what they teach in school now because it is only one side of it. some people don t like this but we are multi culture here if you like it or not we have English ,French,irish,scottish native people and so on. YES in the past the English and french had the money and they made quebec and montreal but we all help in some way and now the government the PQ is still live in the past and still angry about what happen in the past. for me people have to get over it that is why it is call history and we have to learn from it. we don t want to live it again because this is 2013 not 1750 s. THERE is no way that taking rights from one to give to others is right. MY family help make quebec and Canada and what we have today. ME myselve I am English I live in English I am learning French everyday new words and my kids speak both language because they have the right to do so.WHY if someone is French they can t do the same because your government doesn t want the French to do that because they live in the past still come on people wake up.I am not angry English person but I will fight for my rights in quebec for me all those bills that the PQ has put in and trying to put in is all about control, wake up people.They don t care about us they care about there pocket and pension money .ANYWAYS when you have brain washed all you live it is hard to see it.All I see is government dividing people taxing us to death and wasting our money on stupid things we deserve more than they are doing

  5. A country is only as strong as its weakest link. If there are people who want to leave one of the greatest countries in the world let them. we would be better off without them. kind of tired of being held hostage by Quebec any way. Give us more money or we will leave. tired of my tax dollars being spent on ice breakers keeping the St. Lawrence open when goods could be dropped of in Halifax and St. john then put on rail at a much cheaper expense for the Canadian Tax payer. To all you Separatist get out! Good riddance. Canada will be better than ever.

  6. mangé dla marde hostie d’separatiste, le quebec sera cassé sans le canada! gang d’epais qui pense que le quebec fourni le canada. gang de trou de culs raciste! I can do this in both languages, because i am tolerant to people who are different than me, not ignorant. people need to wake the fuck up before the next hitler starts gassing us!

    • Ta geule du gland, si t’aimes pas ça ben criss ton camp. Si ça te pue au nez notre différence, je répète CALISS ton camp pis c’est toute. Les pires québécois c’est le monde comme toi, qui sont née à mauvaise place.

      • wow……j’ai ecris ca l’autre jour car j’avais rien a faire. Pensais jamais que quelqun prendrais au serieux ce qu’on dit sur l’internet.

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