SURVEY: Would You Join A Political Movement To Partition Quebec ?

The National Voice is conducting a survey !

Basically I (The National Voice ) would like to know how many people in this province are interested in joining a political movement to partition Quebec.The goal of the partition movement is simple :

To form a new, bilingual Canadian province, founded on the shared values of proud Canadians living in the current province of Quebec and recognizing the distinct cultural and linguistic makeup of this group.

The goal is to create an environment of linguistic harmony and to remove the separatist ‘Sword of Damocles’ from above our heads. We can find ways of protecting both of the founding languages of this country without trampling on the rights of anyone.

This survey is geared towards Federalist Francophones, Anglophones and Allophones living in the province of Quebec. The reasons and benefits for creating a new province are outlined briefly in a blog post that I did, entitled “partition may be a good answer to the Quebec question”:

The flood of people interested in such a movement is what gave me the idea to create this survey.

The survey

The survey consists of three questions in English and French. Two questions are multiple choice, and the last one requires a text entry. The survey is very simple and I encourage everybody to spread the word about it. The more people that take the survey, the better the idea we will all have as to whether or not this could be a good idea. Please take the survey once only! This survey is for Quebec residents only and is completely anonymous.

Take the survey here: Would You Join A Political Movement To Partition Quebec ?

The Results

I will put the survey out there until I have collected a sufficient number of responses to be meaningful. This number would need to be in the thousands.



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